To use the fitness and recreational facilities in the Student Wellness Center, everyone (including current students) must complete the application form on this page. You will also need to read the online orientation on this page and then check the box indicating you understand and agree to the SWC policies and procedures. You must also print out two forms (SWC Assumption of Risk and SWC Wavier of Liability) from the links on this page, sign them, and then turn them into the Front Desk at the Student Wellness Center. These two forms are also available in the Student Wellness Center.

If you are BC student or employee

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Emergency Contact Information

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Bainbridge State College Student Wellness Center
Policies and Procedures

The mission of the Wellness Center is to provide a safe environment for educational, fitness, and recreational activities.

MEMBERSHIP (SWC Fitness and Recreational Areas)

Students currently enrolled in any number of credit-hour courses who are attending class are members of the SWC. Students who are reported as not attending class by their instructors will be denied admission to the fitness and recreational areas of the SWC.

University System Employee/Retiree:
Full-time faculty and staff employed by the University System of Georgia and University System retirees, including spouses and legal dependents age 10 or older
but not to exceed age 24 (as reported on income tax returns), are eligible to participate in the  SWC at no cost to them.

Part-time faculty are eligible to use the facilities during the semesters they are teaching, but not spouses or dependents.

Bainbridge State College Alumni:
Students who have graduated from Bainbridge State College with a degree or a diploma are eligible to participate in the SWC at no cost to them or their families including spouses and legal dependents age 10 or older but not to exceed age 24 (as reported on income tax returns).

Bainbridge State College Current Ambassadors:

A group of college supporters that assist in events. (Not the student club)

Community Individual:
Any individual 18 years of age or older is eligible to join the SWC. Family memberships include spouses and legal dependents age 10 or older
but not to exceed age 24 (as reported on income tax returns).

Dependent Age Guidelines and Restrictions
Ages 16 and older: Unrestricted use of equipment and facility.

Ages 10 - 15: Restricted to use of track and gymnasium only.
Ages 9 and under: No admittance to SWC facilities.

*Members should be aware that adolescents mature at different rates. Therefore, the Wellness Center staff retains the right to restrict any member, regardless of age, from the use of any equipment if the staff determines that the safety of the member is at risk.

Fee Schedule: Membership is free to currently enrolled students, BSC alumni, and full-time staff and faculty employed by the USG. 

Community members may become members of the SWC Fitness and Recreational areas. Non-refundable fees must be paid in full prior to access and use of the areas. All fees are to be paid to the BSC Business Office. Payment may be made by credit card, check, or cash.


3 Months Membership

6 Months Membership

Annual Membership









Community Membership Renewal
Community members may renew current membership by paying applicable fees at the B
SC Business Office before membership lapses. It is the responsibility of the member to report in writing any changes in demographic or personal data (to include contact in case of emergency) to the Wellness Center Front Desk. Lapsed membership must be renewed by completion of the Application Process listed below with the exception of the orientation.

On-site permanent sub-contractors of Bainbridge State College

Current sub-contractors employed by Bainbridge State College may join the SWC for half of the cost of the community individual fee. All fees are to be paid to the BSC Business Office. Payment may be made by credit card, check, or cash.

Guest Policy:   The purpose of the SWC day pass for guests is to allow the friends and relatives of SWC members to experience the SWC facility.  The following are the requirements for guest passes.

Ø  Must pay the $10 cash fee to the business office accompanied by a member.

Ø  Must sign waivers at the SWC front desk after payment is made.

Ø  Guests must be accompanied by a SWC member throughout their visit.

Ø  The SWC member who they are with is responsible for the guest during their visit.

Ø  There is a limit of 2 guests per member.

Application Process
To become a member, ALL individuals must do the following:
a) Complete an Application Form online at B
SC website.
b) Complete the orientation online at B
SC website.
b) Sign the Assumption of Risk Form after printing it out from the online orientation. Then turn it in to the Front Desk of the SWC.
c) Sign the Release, Waiver of Liability, and Covenant Not to Sue Form after printing it out from the online orientation. Then turn it in to the Front Desk of the SWC.
d) Pay applicable fees to the B
SC Business Office.
Note: Students under age 18 must have their parent or legal guardian sign the Assumption of Risk Form and the Waiver of Liability forms.

A valid B
SC ID or Wellness Center Membership card (available in the One Stop Shop Building) is required for entry into the facility.

All applicants, including eligible spouses and dependents, MUST complete the online application.

Online Orientation and Forms
All applicants, including eligible spouses and dependents, MUST complete the online orientation and print out and sign the Assumption of Risk form and the Waiver of Liability form. These two forms should be turned in to the Front Desk of the Student Wellness Center upon your first visit.

Non-Member Or Group Use
All non-member or group use of the facility must be contracted through the Director of the Student Wellness Center at 229.243.6497.

The Student Wellness Center will be open Monday-Saturday during posted hours, currently
7 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 7 a.m.- 2 p.m. Friday, and 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. Saturday. In general, the Wellness Center will follow the academic calendar of the college and will be closed during some semester breaks and holidays when the college is closed. The schedule of hours of operation will be posted on the BSC website each semester.

Use of the facility is a privilege, not a right. User misconduct may result in temporary or permanent revocation of this privilege. B
SC and its Wellness Center staff retain the right to determine inappropriate behavior and to act in resolving said behavior including, but not limited to, terminating membership of the user. All authorized members have the right to be safe and secure while using the facility. All members are expected to share the areas and equipment within the facility and respect the rights of others in order for all members to enjoy the same privileges.

1. Proper hygiene and good etiquette should be practiced at all times.
2. Appropriate athletic apparel and shoes must be worn during use of the facility. Shorts/pants must be worn at waist level, and shirts must be worn as well. B
SC staff reserves the right to determine "appropriate" apparel.
3. Bainbridge State College is a tobacco free campus.
4. Equipment may not be moved from one area to another.
5. Personal athletic equipment, such as footballs, basketballs, and hacky sacks, is not allowed.
6. Tampering with the TVs in any way is strictly prohibited! The TVs are preset and are not to be changed by anyone other than Wellness Center staff.
7. Loitering is prohibited. All persons in the facility must be engaged in fitness, recreational, or academic activities.
8. The following are strictly prohibited:

a) Alcoholic beverages or drugs in any form
b) Tobacco products in any form
c) Weapons of any kind
d) Chewing gum
e) Food in any form outside of the Food Court (except clear bottled water or fitness drinks that have a lid)
f) Roller skates, roller blades, bicycles, strollers, skateboards, or other wheeled toys
g) Book bags, backpacks, gym bags, fanny packs, purses, or other personal items (unless stored in lockers) in the fitness areas
h) Media players without headphones
i) Harassment of any kind, including, but not limited to, sexual, verbal, or physical innuendos
j) Offensive language or conduct
k) Pets

Ample parking is available around the facility. All vehicles must be parked in parking spaces and not on the grass, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, or loading access areas. Community members should obtain a SWC parking permit from the Business Office.

Participation in physical activity increases the risk of injury. If an accident or injury should occur, it should be reported to the Front Desk or other Wellness Center staff. The Wellness Center will not be responsible for transporting members. The Wellness Center staff will request ambulance services, if, in their judgment, it is needed or if requested by the user. Bainbridge
State College assumes no liability, financial or otherwise, for any medical or other services required in the care or transportation of injured members.

The Wellness Center does not maintain medical insurance for accidents or injuries sustained by authorized members. Although minor, there is a risk of injury and accidents associated with participation in the physical activities offered by the Student Wellness Center. B
SC strongly encourages authorized members to obtain and maintain a comprehensive medical insurance plan in the event of accidents or injuries.

Any unattended items found in the facility will be collected and stored at the Front Desk for 7 days. Items not claimed within 7 days will be taken to BSC Public Safety. The Student Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
for 7 days. Items not claimed within 7 days will be taken to BSC Public Safety. The Student Wellness Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

The lobbies (both ground floor and upstairs) have limited seating for short periods of rest and social interaction and waiting for others to arrive or depart. Loitering is prohibited.

Food Service
Members are responsible for cleaning up their tables in the food court and disposing of trash.

Normal hours of operation for the Bookstore are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday – Thursday and 9 a.m. - noon Friday. During the first week of classes, the hours are 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.  Monday – Thursday and 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. Friday.  The bookstore should be contacted directly to confirm current hours of operation – 229-248-2526

Front Desk
The Front Desk serves as the entry point to the areas of activity and is staffed by Student Wellness Center employees. Members having questions should seek resolution at the Front Desk. All members must show valid B
SC ID or Wellness Center Membership Card at the Front Desk at each time of entry. Announcements are made from the Front Desk. Closure time will be announced 30 minutes, 15 minutes, and 5 minutes in advance of closure. Members must vacate the facility when closure is announced.

An elevator is available across from the Front Desk.

Locker Rooms
Locker rooms with shower and bathroom facilities are located on the ground floor next to the gymnasium. Free day lockers are available and can be used for storage of large personal items, including gym bags and book bags, during use of the facility. Members must supply their own locks, and any locks still on lockers at closing will be cut, and the contents of the locker will be removed. Storage cubicles in the weight room are also available.

Locker Rentals

There is a section of lockers that can be rented out by SWC members at the rate of $25 for 6 months or $50 for a year.  See the SWC front desk for details.

Fitness Area
Free weights, pin-loaded equipment, dumbbells, exercise and medicine balls, curl bars, treadmills, stationary bicycles, and ellipticals are located in this area. The Wellness Center retains the right to restrict the use of any of this equipment if it is determined that use of the equipment might put the safety of the member at risk. Members who are unfamiliar with the components and safe use of the equipment should ask for assistance from the Wellness Center staff. Use of the equipment is limited to 30 minutes during peak times or when others are waiting.

Even though a variety of free weights are offered for the more experienced weight lifters, members should not "max-out" or "lift" beyond their abilities. Free weights are not to be dropped to the floor, but lowered and set down under control. They should also be re-racked. Spotters should be used for bench pressing and squatting exercises. Student Wellness Center staff may also be asked to spot weight lifters. All long bar lifting must be performed on a bench press.

Equipment must not be rearranged or moved from original placement. All weights and accessories must be returned to original location immediately following use.

Any equipment that is not functioning properly or that appears to need maintenance or repairs should immediately be reported to the Front Desk or other Student Wellness Center staff. Members should never attempt to use or repair any equipment that is not functioning properly.

Antibacterial wipes are available and should be used for cleaning the padded parts of benches and machines before and after use. Members should bring and use their own towels.

Game Room
Pool, ping pong, and foosball tables are available as well as video game stations. Equipment and games must be checked out from the Front Desk and returned. No member may enter the Game Room without checking in at the Front Desk and entering through the door off of the Fitness Room. Members should not enter or exit through alarmed doors.

Upstairs Aerobics Room
The mats in this area can be used for stretching muscles as well as for exercise routines. Power bands, dumbbells, balance boards, and platforms for step aerobics are also available. Equipment must be returned to its original location following use.

Elevated Walking Track
The elevated walking track is for walking, jogging, and running. Walkers must use the outside two lanes. Joggers and runners must use the inside two lanes. Walkers should remain aware of joggers and runners and give the right of way whenever possible. No one is allowed on the track unless he or she is walking, jogging, or running. Members may not observe gymnasium activities from the track. Exercisers should not speak or yell down to others on the gymnasium level. Users will follow the posted instructions for the direction of traffic unless otherwise directed. Nine (9) times around the track equals one mile.

The gymnasium is located on the first floor of the building and will be used for academic courses, free play, and intramural activities. Members should check the posted schedule for free play times. Anyone using this area is restricted to wearing athletic shoes that do not leave marks on the floor surface. Hanging on basketball rims, pulling on backboard padding, and throwing balls against the walls are prohibited. Basketballs and volleyballs may be checked out at the Front Desk. There is no additional charge for their use; however, members are financially responsible for loss of this equipment or excessive damage (which does not include expected wear and tear). Use of the gym may be limited during peak times or when others are waiting.

The telephone at the Front Desk is not for use by members.

Evacuation Plan
The fire evacuation plan is posted on each floor.